INN® - International Network of Norway
- provided by Oslo Chamber of Commerce

Oslo Chamber of Commerce is an independent service organization for the business community. It is the largest of 16 private law chambers of commerce in Norway.

Oslo Chamber of Commerce provides an Expat Support program, INN® - International Network of Norway. The aim of this program is to ensure that the Oslo-region maintains and even further develops its reputation as a dynamic region for attracting international expertise for the businesses located in the area. In order to make that happen, we go straight to the matter - the expatriates themselves.

We make the transition to Oslo as smooth as possible for the expatriates and their families:

• Relocation
• Immigration
• Expat Support with INN® Expatriate Handbook
• Member Forum at our webpage
• Cultural and social events
• Counselling
• Dual Career Support

INN® is rapidly growing nationally: Bergen, Kongsberg, Kristiansand, Stavanger and Trondheim and soon in Molde and Tromsø.